About Us


The future of Health and Environmental monitoring is Casella.

Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational and environmental health risks through effective monitoring solutions. We pride ourselves on providing precision instrumentation since 1799, supplying eminent figures including David Livingstone and Charles Darwin with instrumentation for exploration and scientific work.

We offer smart and easy solutions for monitoring noise, dust, and vibration. Our continuing innovation and training support ensures the next generation has the latest technology and expertise to aid health risk measurement.

Casella's range of instrumentation includes real-time dust monitors, personal sampling pumps, sound level meters, personal dosimeters, hand-arm vibration, and boundary monitors. As a global business, we have offices based all around the world including the UK, US, Australia, China, and India, alongside hundreds of partners.

  • We can recommend the correct course for you in your current role
  • Training is flexible and remote to suit your needs
  • Develop yours and your teams' knowledge on Health as well as Safety