Introduction to Workplace Noise (UK)

The course is designed for people new to workplace noise, giving an introduction to hearing physiology, noise terminology as well as calculation of exposure.

Split into consectutive modules, the course progress through pratical measurment of noise for scenarios of employees exposed to differing noise climates.

Using lots of visual aids and real life scenarios, the course allows an easy to follow and progressive buld up of knowledge through the modules.

The cousre is split into five modules:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Terminology
  3. Measuring repeating noise
  4. Measuring variable noise
  5. Measuring impulsive noise

Each module will take around 20 minutes and must be completed before progressing onto the next. Questions to test your knowledge are included in each module. Units 3 to 5 progress through different measurment scenarios, introducing teh use of sound level meters and noise dosimeters as well as measurement techniques.

A certificate is issued upon compleetion of the final module.